Small Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur

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A small business is by no means a lesser one to the big corporates out there – even they were once small. The term ‘small’ simply refers to the size of the company in terms of its turn-over (less than R1 million per annum) and its…
top achievers

Top Achievers: July 2018

Congratulations to the top students listed below for achieving 90% and higher in your July ICB exams! In order of highest result achieved are the following ICB Top Achievers:     Aletta Du Toit Financial Statements Self…

The Changing Nature of Work

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The increased demand for flexible working is one of the key driving forces behind the rapidly changing nature of work (source: Key trends for global employers in 2018 by Baker Mackenzie).  It is essential for anyone making employment and hiring…

Provider Workshop 2018

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Did you miss out? Here are some pics from our recent ICB Provider Workshop held at the Nicol in Bedfordview. It was a productive event with plenty of valuable information shared. Thank you to all our providers and attendees.