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Top Achievers: October 2017

Congratulations to the top students listed below for achieving 90% and higher in your October ICB exams! In order of highest result achieved are the following ICB Top Achievers:   Daniel Mienie Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Boston…
12 Days of Xmas Giveaways

12 Days of ICB Xmas Giveaways!

12 Days of ICB Xmas Giveaways! Every week day from 7 to 22 December one lucky person will win a mystery prize by finding our little Xmas Penguin hidden somewhere on the ICB website and every day he will be hiding somewhere new! Once you…
Student Details


Success is in the details! And nowhere is this saying truer than in education. But let’s face it…no one likes double checking and sifting through nitty gritty details. However, taking that little extra time to make sure your records are…
Fasset Qualification Certificates


  Are you an unregistered private provider? The QCTO released a final deadline for applications for registration at the DHET  of 30th of  November 2018.  Please send your proof of application to the ICB for record purposes. Current…
Exam Paper Format

Checking the format of exam papers

There is magic is in the air! And not the good kind. Exam papers printed by Providers are being printed in the incorrect format. The result? Students are unable to complete sections of the exam where the printing format is incorrect, placing…
ICBA Member

Join the ICBA

Have you recently qualified?  Upgrade your ICBA student membership to a professional membership for 2018! Improve your credibility Being a member of a professional body shows that you take your career seriously. It reassures employers and…
Larry Learner

Larry Learner answers your questions on how you get your exam results

Hi Larry, How can I get my results? - Themba   Hi Themba, If you are a distance learner: Log on to the ICB Learner Portal and go to the Reports section. From the day of results release, you will be able to download your…
Exam Paper Format

Checking the format of exam papers

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When you’re facing an exam paper in front of you, the last thing you’re probably worrying about is the printed format of your paper. However, it turns out you may need to. There have been instances of papers printed in the wrong format,…
RPL Blog

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning

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Ready to apply to the RPL? Feel you have the relevant experience and/or qualifications and credits necessary? Then it’s time to download the RPL application form. Please click here to download. Please note that this link also provides…