What the ICB can and cannot do for our training providers

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At the ICB we have a culture of 'going the extra mile'. We aren't afraid of hard work and have staff who – at their own will – come in early and leave late, which we do our best to recognise and reward. We believe in transparency and while…
Larry Learner

Larry Learner explains what it means to be a Technical Financial Accountant – February 2017

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Hi Larry I am studying the ICB Financial Accounting qualification. I was looking at the jobs I can apply for, as mentioned under: “What my title can be” on page 9 of the 2017 Prospectus. I was wondering, what is a Technical Financial…
ICB Bursary

Apply for your ICB bursary before 30 April 2017!

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Do you need financial help towards your ICB studies? We know that some of the keenest and most deserving students may find it hard to pay for their studies. That's why every year, we award bursaries to students that we think would put them…
ICB students get FREE ACCA subs & exemptions

ICB students get FREE ACCA subs & exemptions

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ACCA is the world’s leading body for professional accountants and if you are an ICB graduate with the National Diploma: Financial Accounting NQF 6 qualification, or are about to graduate, you will receive up to six exemptions to further your…
ICB Top Achievers December 2016

Top achievers: December 2016

Congratulations to the top students listed below for achieving 90% and higher in your December 2016 ICB exams! Karen Geyser Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Global Prospectus Development Institute 98% Jihong Lahner Cost and…