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From our students

My name is Showneaz and I'm 33 years of age. I was born in Cape Town, but now live in Johannesburg. I'm currently employed as a receptionist. My husband encouraged me to start studying in 2013, because he believes in education and wanted me to further my education to better… Read more »

Dear ICB Firstly, I'd like to thank you for giving your learners the opportunity to apply for bursaries. I'm 25 years old and currently studying towards your Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting at Boston City Campus in Richards Bay. This well-structured course is achievable for me, because I can adhere… Read more »

What the ICB can and cannot do for our training providers

At the ICB we have a culture of 'going the extra mile'. We aren't afraid of hard work and have staff who – at their own will – come in early and leave late, which we do our best to recognise and reward. We believe in transparency and while we always try to help, please understand that when the buck stops we have tried our best and the issue needs to be resolved elsewhere.

Find out what the ICB can and can’t do in the table below:

What the ICB can and connot do v5

Our providers sometimes think we can do it all. And honestly, we appreciate the confidence in the ICB! As you can see, however, there’s a lot we can do and some things we simply can’t. :-) 

For support and general queries, email support@icb.org.za or LiveChat with us!


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