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Dear ICB My name is Erastus Hepute and I would like to express my gratitude for this bursary opportunity. I am an ICB graduate, holding a National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting, and I have quite a strong academic performance. I've also been awarded with 'Best Accounting Student' and 'Best… Read more »

Thrilled to be newly qualified as a Certified Junior Bookkeeper, Charlene du Plessis believes that hard work, perseverance and a great support system are the key ingredients of success. Like many working women, Charlene finds it difficult sometimes to keep the right balance between being a professional, hard-working employee; an… Read more »


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01/2017 - Keeping Account: The ICB Student Newsletter


12/2016 - Keeping Account: 2017 Prospectus and Examination Policy now available
11/2016 - Keeping Account: Share your #ICANBE photo and you could win!
10/2016 - Keeping Account: Exam timetables for 2017 now available
09/2016 - Keeping Account: Printing delay in qualification certificates from Fasset
08/2016 - Keeping Account: Better service for you – check out our Live Chat
07/2016 - Keeping Account: Check out our new Facebook page
06/2016 - Keeping Account: Meet our bursary winners!
05/2016 - Keeping Account: How much should a bookkeeper earn?
04/2016 - Keeping Account: Better service for you!
03/2016 - Keeping Account: Submit your bursary application before 30 April
02/2016 - Keeping Account: Deadlines for April and May assessments are approaching fast!
01/2016 - Keeping Account: 2016 ICB Assessment Policy available to download


12/2015 - Keeping Account: Season's Greetings
11/2015 - Keeping Account: Apply for Fasset’s Loan Repayment Grant
10/2015 - Keeping Account: New study programmes and other changes for 2016
09/2015 - Keeping Account: Remember that you can stand a chance of winning R 1,000!
08/2015 - Keeping Account: Important news about certificates, plus stand a chance of winning R 1,000
07/2015 - Keeping Account: How to register on the Learner Portal as an existing learner in 5 easy steps
06/2015 - Keeping Account: Meet our bursary winners and enter our competition
05/2015 - Keeping Account: 10 personal finance books every professional should read
04/2015 - Keeping Account: Find or advertise a job on the ICB website
03/2015 - Keeping Account: Submit your bursary application before 30 April
02/2015 - Keeping Account: Enter for assessments by the closing dates
01/2015 - Keeping Account: How to start your own bookkeeping or accounting business


12/2014 - Keeping Account: Season's Greetings
11/2014 - Keeping Account: A salary review and a new prospectus
10/2014 - Keeping Account: Get a discount and CPD points with Upload Media
09/2014 - Keeping Account: Proactive bookkeeping tips
08/2014 - Keeping Account: Success story competition winners announced!
07/2014 - Keeping Account: Meet our bursary winners!
06/2014 - Keeping Account: You could win a Woolworths voucher!
05/2014 - Keeping Account: Catch a wakeup and prepare properly to impress at job interviews
04/2014 - Keeping Account: Say hello to Larry Learner
03/2014 - Keeping Account: Get your bursary applications in before 30 April
02/2014 - Keeping Account: Remember to apply for ICBA membership
01/2014 - Keeping Account: Updated ICB Assessment Policy for 2014


12/2013 - Keeping Account: Apply for ICBA membership
11/2013 - Keeping Account: 2014 prospectus and timetables now available!
10/2013 - Keeping Account: Vote for the ICBA Council, find out what finance professionals earn, and more.
09/2013 - Keeping Account: Competition winners!
08/2013 - Keeping Account: Important information on assessments and tax
07/2013 - Keeping Account: Tax season details and a new competition
06/2013 - Keeping Account: Important tax practitioner requirements and ICB bursaries awarded
05/2013 - Keeping Account: New Income Tax Returns, tax invoice requirements and more.
04/2013 - Keeping Account: Send your bursary applications before 30 April
03/2013 - Keeping Account: Stanley Grootboom - an inspiration to all
02/2013 - Keeping Account: We've launched a new course!
01/2013 - Keeping Account: How much should a bookkeeper earn?

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