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Larry Learner explains where to study further after achieving an ICB qualification - December 2016

Larry Learner explains where to study further after achieving an ICB qualification - December 2016

Hi Larry

I have completed my ICB Financial Accounting Diploma. I would like to further my studies. Where are some of the places I can study further?



Hi Shannon

Thanks for your question.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Association of Chartered Certifid Accountants (ACCA) are respected, international, accounting professional bodies – headquartered in the UK. CIMA and ACCA grant exemptions to the qualifications the ICB offers.

ACCA has a really handy exemptions calculator that lets you search for the ICB. You can then see which exemptions would be available to you, and find out whether you'll need to have completed any particular modules. Click here to check out this exemptions calculator and other information about exemptions from ACCA.

There are more places where you can study further, after achieving your ICB qualifications. Find out more about them on page 29 of the ICB's 2017 prospectus. Click here to download the PDF version.

Hope that helps!


Don't forget that I'm here to answer your questions about the ICB, the courses on offer, or just queries about your accounting studies. All you have to do is email me!


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