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Mack Makeleni received one of the six ICB bursaries in June 2012. Below is a poem he wrote about the ICB. You're the river You’re the ICB a place, a place for motivation,Through you I’ve discovered excellence,Through you I’ve discovered growth,To grow from hope to action through knowledge. These are… Read more »

Dear ICB Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a bursary. My name is Liana and I am a single mother of three children. They are ages six, four and three. I'm currently studying your Accounting Certification Programme through College SA. I have two more subjects to complete in order… Read more »

Irregularities with Marking Memorandums

Irregularities with Marking Memorandums
We have noticed that facilitators leave marking memorandums in the student PoE’s. This raises concerns for us at the ICB as it could mean that facilitators are sharing the memo’s with the students which is not allowed. 
The memos are for the use of the facilitator when marking the tests and are not shown to the student. The facilitator should explain to students where they went wrong in the tests by going through the tests collectively with the students or individually.
Facilitators are not to give memo’s to students. Invigilators should also check the PoE and if there is a memo in the PoE, remove it and inform line managers of what was found.
If the ICB discovers the memo in the PoE this is flagged as an irregularity for which there is a financial penalty payable.
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