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From our students

Dear ICB My name is Getrude Khatlisi and I'm currently in my second year of Junior Bookkeeping. I'm studying at Boston City Campus and Business College in Welkom. I wish to study until I become a Certfied Financial Accountant with a National Diploma NQF Level 6. I am a very… Read more »

Dear ICB / ICBA My name is Brian Joseph and I recently completed my National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting, as well as successfully registered as a Technical Accountant. I want to use this opportunity to thank the ICB for all your support in this journey to beoming a CTFA. It… Read more »

You're the river: A poem by an ICB bursary winner

Mack Makeleni received one of the six ICB bursaries in June 2012. Below is a poem he wrote about the ICB.

You're the river

You’re the ICB a place, a place for motivation,
Through you I’ve discovered excellence,
Through you I’ve discovered growth,
To grow from hope to action through knowledge.

These are unforgettable words “You‘ve been awarded
An ICB Bursary, Please could you keep us updated
About your successes going forward,
We wish you well for the remainder of your studies with us”

You allowed nothing define you...
ICB you‘ve let nothing define you
You gave yourself a definition and
That is an open secret.

ICB you’re the river, you’re the river
To those who are thirsty, you’re
A river to those who are thirsty by deciding,
Deciding based on academic merit, financial need...
You’re the river, the river that thirsty-ones need.

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