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From our students

Dear ICB My name is Andisiwe and I'm 21 years old. I'm young and dedicated, and in the first year of working towards my National Diploma in Financial Accounting at MSC Business College in East London. I come from a financially disadvantaged family. My parents work on a farm and it's… Read more »

Dear ICB My name is Angeline Mofokeng from Johannesburg. My goal was to study Payroll and when I enquired about it at Damelin, they introduced me to the ICB's programmes. It was such a priviledge to study those modules and have the potential to grow further. Early in 2013, I asked… Read more »

Success story: Nadia Gaybba

Success story: Nadia Gaybba

My name is Nadia Gaybba and I'm 31 years old. I was born in Cape Town and grew up in Boksburg and Meyerton. Today, I'm living in Pretoria.

I was always a slow reader, and would feel that I couldn't study and would never pass anything. I had to write things down, make it visual over and over to understand what I was learning. For years I struggled at school. And being in a public school made it difficult, because the classes were big and I was shy and never asked for help. I just believed that I would never be able to accomplish anything, plus I had additional stress at home, as my parents were struggling financially.

I started working at a blue chip company at the age of 21 as a temp in the filing room. I later moved on to other temporary positions over a period of 2 years. I worked hard to get a permanent position, and it was difficult because the company only hires graduates. I only had Matric and no university exemptions.

When I was finally offered a permanent position, I started studying again. My company provided bursaries, but you had to pass, otherwhise pay for the studies yourself. I studied through UNISA correspondence. I failed and failed, and just gave up. My manager at the time knew something was wrong, because she knew me and knew that I could do so much more. So she sent me to an educational psychiatrist for tests. I was diagnosed with a form of dyslexia.

One day a work colleague suggested I try the ICB.

At first I was hesitant and negative, but then I tried it in 2011. It's now 2013 and I've passed Bookkeeping to Trial Balance, Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns, Financial Statements, and Cost and Management Accounting. The feeling is so rewarding! 

I had classes at Damelin and did correspondence through SACOB. So far I like the correspondence, because you are given text books and CDs that visually assist you with your study work. With dyslexia, you have to have different text books and visual additions to help make it easier.

My studies have helped me with my confidence to grow in a company that employs graduates. It has helped me to understand my roll in the credit department from a financial point of view. My goal is to be recognised and move to a higher position in the years to come.

My advice to someone starting their first module with the ICB is to start with classes (correspondence learners can go on Saturdays) and then decide if you want to move on to text books or visual aids. Build your confidence first!

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