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From our students

Dear ICB My name is Mazvita Mwanaka. I am hereby applying for a bursary due to insufficient funds. I completed my Advanced Level in 2006 in Zimbabwe. In 2007 I was accepted to the University of Zimbabwe, but I could not register due to a lack of money. I relocated… Read more »

Dear ICB My name is Semonia Beukes and I'm 27 years old. I come from a town in the Northern Cape called Komaggas. It's about 60km from Springbok - where I completed my matric at Steinkopf High School in 2003. I did not further my education after high school, but started… Read more »

Success story: Erasmus Zulu

Success story: Erasmus Zulu

My name is Erasmus Zulu and I'm an Assistant Financial Administrator. I live in Johannesburg.

I started my ICB studies in 2012. I wanted to further my finance studies while working. The ICB was the best option for me, as they offer long-distance learning.

I started as a receptionist, but as I passed some of the modules, my company promoted me to work in the finance division at its head office.

Balancing my work and studies was tough. And learning to pay attention to detail was also difficult for me.

At the moment, I'm working towards my National Diploma in Financial Accounting. This is the best reward. And the job opportunities that will come with the qualification will be an even greater reward.

My ambition is to have a CIMA qualification one of these days. I was told that my studies with the ICB are great foundations for taking it further through CIMA.

For anyone who is thinking about studying an ICB course and having a career in finance, I can say: go for it. You just need to have a bigger picture of what you want, and discipline. Long-distance learning needed discipline.

My company has recognised my studies with the ICB and have given me platforms from which to encourage others. I have written articles for my company's magazine and I also deliver motivational talks.

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