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Dear ICB I am writing these few words to say thank you for your hard and good work. As I continue my studies with the ICB, I really have to say that you are very well organised. I love the ICB and I will continue my studies with you until… Read more »

Dear ICB I dropped out of school in 1989 due to personal issues. I was in Grade 11. In September 2008, a friend told me about an opportunity: if we wanted to study further, we could register with the Department of Education for our matric exams. But we had to… Read more »

Success story: Calvin Selinga

Success story: Calvin Selinga

My name is Calvin Selinga. I'm working in credit control at Mutual & Federal insurance company in Bloemfontein. 

I started studying through the ICB in 2010. I was always on the lookout for such an institution and found it through doing some research. I wanted to further my studies in finance and contribute meaningfully to our economy, as there was a shortage of accountants in our country.

I started working as a cashier in the Klerksdorp branch. After completing my Senior Bookkeeping exams, I was promoted to credit control in Bloemfontein.

I achieved excellence in accounting at my secondary school, and playing with figures has always been something close to my heart. I also loved helping my fellow learners in group discussions.

Helping others to pass and seeing all of us at the graduation ceremonies were among the most rewarding times of my life. I will never forget those days.

I wanted to complete my Technical Financial Accounting course, but due to financial constraints I could not continue. I am the breadwinner at home, and am now budgeting to further my studies next year. ICB has been great in helping me to stay updated with everything in finance. I never miss their 'Keeping Account' newsletter.

My lecturers were always willing to go the extra mile for their students and treat everyone equally. If it's your first time studying accounting, believe you me, you will enjoy every moment and find out that it's not as bad as you might have thought. It will make you a better person in years to come.

I would like to thank the ICB, the Damelin Klerksdorp team, and my best lecturer, Pieter for his efforts in assisting those who especially needed help the most. He was the best lecturer for all and treated everyone with respect, love and equality.

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