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From our students

Dear ICB My name is Andisiwe and I'm 21 years old. I'm young and dedicated, and in the first year of working towards my National Diploma in Financial Accounting at MSC Business College in East London. I come from a financially disadvantaged family. My parents work on a farm and it's… Read more »

My name is Nkululeko Nyangiwe and I'm a researcher in animal science for the Department of Agriculture in the Eastern Cape.  I started studying at the ICB in February 2013, because of my lack of knowledge in accounting. My biggest problem was that I was unable to help my Grade 10… Read more »

Sheer determination and hard work: Mina's success story

Mina and her daughters

Dear ICB

I dropped out of school in 1989 due to personal issues. I was in Grade 11.

In September 2008, a friend told me about an opportunity: if we wanted to study further, we could register with the Department of Education for our matric exams. But we had to study on our own at home, and also get all the books ourselves. So I registered and didn't bother to start studying, because I thought I would get confirmation that my application was successful. I didn't receive anything and thought that my application was not approved. I relaxed.

The following year, towards the end of April my friend was told that our exam timetable was at the school. Wow, I was so shocked when I fetched my timetable. We were scheduled to write exams from the 4th of May! And remember, I hadn't touched any books. I didn't even have one book to study from, and the worst part was that I hadn't attended school in 20 years.

I had to run around to get books, go to the library and borrowed from other students. I studied through the night. I had to write 15 exams, because I registered for all six subject. But I made it. I was determined to study in that short period and I passed four subjects. I then rewrote the failed two subjects the next year and passed. I had my matric!

I then realised that I had the potential and ability to make a name for myself and to make my dreams become a reality. I didn't relax. I continued with my studied by enrolling at Damelin College, doing part-time ICB Programmes. I struggled to pay my college fees, because I am a single parent with two kids who were also at the college. I applied for a bursary, but it was unsuccessful. I told myself that I'm not going to stop studying.

The College used to keep my results until I paid. I continued I tell myslef that when I have the money, I would go straight to the college to release my results. The great thing was that they never stopped me from registering for the next course. After I completed my four modules, I borrowed money to pay for them, so I could get my results.

I was enjoying the ICB's Bookkeeping Programmes. The following year, I registered through Damelin Correspondence College and I'm studying on my own and achieving good results.

Who would have thought that today, I am a qualified Technical Financial Accountant. This year, I'm doing my Financial Accounting Level 6. I couldn't have gotten this far if I didn't take the risk of registering with a college, and knowing that I couldn't afford to pay my fees. But this year I was blessed, because my employer paid for my fees for 2013. I was employed by African Bank back in 1995, and I'm still working for them as a Branch Support Administrator.

Due to my previous studies that forced me to make personal loans, I'm still in some financial crisis. But I will pay them off.

I live by the following words of encouragement: I WILL CROSS THE BRIDGE WHEN I GET THERE. Life is about risk, so if I do something that makes it difficult, I remember those words. Then I go for it.

Kind regards,

Mina Matsogo

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