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From our students

Dear ICB I would like to express my appreciation for your excellent services. I'd also like to send my greatest regards to your facilitators, INTEC and their impartial and experienced consultant, Johan, who introduced me to you and the whole college in general. My gratitude also goes to MSC Business… Read more »

Spend five minutes with Kathy Buitendach and you'll soon realise that this woman is passionate about learning! It is her thirst for knowledge that has driven her to business success, and this is something she's determined to pass on to her learners at BSW Business Solutions, one of the ICB's… Read more »

Kathy Buitendach

From ICB learner to Certified Technical Financial Accountant


My name is Brian Joseph and I recently completed my National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting, as well as successfully registered as a Technical Accountant.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the ICB for all your support in this journey to beoming a CTFA. It has not been an easy one – juggling finances, work, family, commitments, the list goes on... It has been a long and challenging journey to get to this point, and what a relief it was the day I wrote my final assessment for the course. Thank you to Andrew Carlsson, Belinda Carlsson, Wedaad, Patsy, Edna, Candice and all the people whose names I have forgotten to mention. You all have been very helpful, including assisting with any issues that arose.

I wish to commend the ICB and Edge Publishing on excellent quality study material. I have read quite a few study guides from other training providers on the subjects of accounting and bookkeeping, including standard university textbooks, and by far none has come as close to being student/user friendly, easily understandable, concise and overall excellent in quality as the ICB's guides and textbooks. So I would recommend the ICB to anyone wishing to obtain a specialist qualification in Technical/Financial Accounting, as the knowledge gained feels much more practical than sitting with a traditional text book.

I am continuing to study independently towards the NQF6 Diploma and I will be furthering my education in the commerce field.

Once again, thank you. And I intend to continue having a rewarding professional relationship with the ICB through membership with the ICBA.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Joseph, CTFAIcba(SA)
Certified Technical Financial Accountant – ICBA

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