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From our students

Dear ICB My name is Khaukanani Kwinda and I come to you to apply for a bursary. I want to register for your Senior Bookkeeping programme, but I don't have enough money to register for it. I am working, but I get paid very little money and I struggle to further… Read more »

Dear ICB Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a bursary. My name is Liana and I am a single mother of three children. They are ages six, four and three. I'm currently studying your Accounting Certification Programme through College SA. I have two more subjects to complete in order… Read more »

Bursary winner: A letter from Blanche Saptouw

Bursary winner: A letter from Blanche Saptouw

Dear ICB

I, Blanche Saptouw hereby thank you for taking the time to review my bursary application, and would be truly grateful should it be granted.

I am 31 years old, a single mother of two, and desperately striving to create a better home for my family. Over the past few years, I have survived on inconsistent part-time work - but I've refused to give up! 

In September 2013, a friend sponsored my first ICB module. Not only did I excell by achieving 87%, but I also fell in love with my passion for accounting. The quality ICB studies have already proven its worth by resulting in my permanent employment. Even though it's ust been over two months at my current employer, I'm also a volunteer mentor on the Imkamva Youth Mentorship Programme, which empowers youth to live their dreams.

I am still getting out of debt, which I incurred due to my part-time employment. I believe this bursary will be an investment into my life, my children's, and the community in which I serve.

Thanking you in advance.


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