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From our students

Dear ICB My name is Alichia Campbell and I'm a single parent. I'm very dedicated to improve my life, as well as the life of my child. That is the reason why I'm applying for a bursary. The company I am working for paid for my previous course. But because… Read more »

I am Tasneem Adams - bookkeeper at the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Observatory, Cape Town.  In the year 2000, I had to cease my BCom studies at UCT due to financial difficulties and therefore started working in a junior position. I yearned to qualify in the accounting field, but… Read more »

Latest news

Top achievers: September 2016

The ICB has received quite a lot of feedback from students and training providers about how we structure our list of Top Achievers each month. We've therefore decided that, going forward, we will publish the names of all ICB students… Read more...

Larry Learner talks about the time limit on completing an ICB course - November 2016

Hi Larry I registered with the ICB a couple of years ago and unfortunately have been so busy with work, that I haven't had time to write any exams. Is there a time limit on completing an ICB course? Regards,Francisca… Read more...

How to get on the ICB Top Achievers list

Our Top Achievers lists each month are super popular! Ever wondered what it takes to make it onto that prestigious list? It’s simple: The 10 students with the highest scores from that exam sitting make our Top Achievers list. (If… Read more...

Exam timetables for 2017 now available

Here are the ICB’s exam timetables for 2017: Timetable A (for classroom-based students) Timetable B (for distance learning and independent students) Please note that you will not be able to enter for 2017’s exams until 26 October (we’ll post about… Read more...

ICB students: How to make sure your PoE gets to you

We want to make sure that your PoE gets to you, so we’re going to be couriering them to all our students (classroom and distance learning) from now on. We will be upgrading our delivery system in November and we… Read more...

Study suggestions to help you get through the year

This article was adapted for the ICBWritten by T. Manning: Article source   For most, college is the first true experience of independence. Everything you do is up to you: if you want to go to bed at 4am or skip… Read more...

Get free and immediate support with Live Chat

Have you noticed the yellow bar, bottom right on our website? Yes, that's right. You can chat with the ICB helpdesk immediately! Live Chat is a better way to offer you help when you need it. Struggling with Learner or… Read more...
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