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From our students

First year students on the National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting programme at the Durban University of Technology have this to say: "I am enjoying the course, even though it's a lot of work. I am also pleased that it is a two year diploma so that I can get… Read more »

Dear ICB I must compliment you on the courses that you offer. I'm currently doing one of them through correspondence and find your books very interesting and user friendly. Your correspondence is also very good. All my questions were answered and the procedures are clear and simple. Thank you very… Read more »

Your career path with the ICB

The chart below shows how you can progress in your studies – and career – as you move up each level in the ICB’s study programmes.

The dark blue text shows the ICBA membership level and designation. The ICBA is a professional body that many ICB graduates join once they are qualified (students can be members too!). To qualify for ICB membership, you’ll need to hold a relevant qualification and have specific work experience. See www.icba.org.za for more.

Career Path

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The durations shown for each programme/level are guidelines only. How long it will take you to do your course will depend on whether you study full or part time, how many subjects you do at a time, and other factors unique to you.

It’s not compulsory to complete an entire level before moving on to the next. But to get your qualifications, you must have completed all subjects within a level. It may be possible for you to leapfrog some subjects if you are granted credits for prior learning.

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