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From our students

Little did Aaron Murwira know when he enrolled for his first ICB course in 1991 that he was taking his first step in a very fulfilling career in finance. He worked his way up through associate level and progressed to fellowship (now Technical Financial Accountant level) in 1992. Aaron then… Read more »

Aaron Murwira

When I finished matric, I had to find a job so that I could further my studies and also provide for my family. I come from a very financially disadvantaged home - my mother was a domestic worker - earning only R100 a week at the time - so she… Read more »

Your ICB Portfolio of Evidence

PoE graphic

Your Portfolio of Evidence will arrive 3-4 weeks after you have entered for an ICB exam.

How many Portfolios will I get?

  • You’ll get one PoE per subject per exam.
  • Each PoE is customised to that specific subject.
  • Distance learning students will receive their Portfolios directly; classroom students will get them from their colleges.

What must I do when I get my PoE?

  • Check that all your personal details on the cover are correct. Let your college/the ICB know ASAP if anything is wrong.
  • Read through the entire PoE and fill in information where you are asked to.

What’s inside my PoE?

  1. Your ICB Portfolio Administration Guide
    • This is your indispensable guide to studying your ICB subject!
    • Your ICB Portfolio Administration Guide tells you exactly what you need to do throughout your ICB studies. It explains how to fill in your PoE, and contains lots of forms you need to complete.
    • Work through it step by step and follow all the instructions in it, and you’ll be on track for success!
  1. ICB Tests and Assignments
    • For every subject, the ICB sets 3 Assignments and 2 Tests that help you to test your knowledge during your studies.
    • Distance learning students will find ICB Tests and Assignments in their PoE when it arrives.
    • Classroom-based students will get their ICB Assignments in their Portfolios, and their ICB Tests will be given by their lecturers during their studies.
  1. Answer books
    • You’ll also find blank answer books in your PoE for you to write the answers to your ICB Tests and Assignments in.

Why is my PoE so important?

  • The ICB learning experience is unique – our academic team has designed it to give you the best possible chance of learning effectively and passing your subject first time.
  • But it’s not just about passing the exam. Our methodology makes sure you get a deep and thorough understanding of your course materials.
  • So you don’t just get a qualification – you gain real skills that you can use in your job from Day 1.

Each subject is divided into 3 learning phases. You’ll do an ICB Assignment during each phase, and at the end of phases 1 and 2, you’ll complete an ICB Test, to test your knowledge. These tests have been set by the ICB and are standardised – all students must complete them.

Your final exam marks the end of the third learning phase.

This integrated way of learning helps to prepare you (and is good practice) for your final exam.

When do I hand in my PoE?

  • A few days before your final exam, go through the checklist in your ICB Portfolio Administration Guide and make sure you have done and included everything. Make a copy of our entire PoE as a backup.
  • Take your completed PoE to your final exam. You’ll hand it in there.

Your final exam

  • When you have finished writing your final exam, you must add the exam question and answer papers to your PoE, and hand everything in together.
  • You cannot send the ICB anything else for your PoE after you have handed it in.

The ICB's Portfolio of Evidence learning process 

Download our Portfolio of Evidence Process DiagramWe have a unique learning process which helps our students prepare not just for exams, but also for the workplace.

Download our Portfolio of Evidence Process Diagram (PDF 200KB) for all the details.

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