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From our students

I am Tasneem Adams - bookkeeper at the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Observatory, Cape Town.  In the year 2000, I had to cease my BCom studies at UCT due to financial difficulties and therefore started working in a junior position. I yearned to qualify in the accounting field, but… Read more »

Dear ICB I am writing these few words to say thank you for your hard and good work. As I continue my studies with the ICB, I really have to say that you are very well organised. I love the ICB and I will continue my studies with you until… Read more »

Exam timetables

Big dates

These dates are important to you – they’re when you’ll write your final exams and submit your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). Be sure to enter for each exam before its closing date.


Exam timetables for 2016


Exam timetables for 2017



  • These exam timetables are subject to change and the ICB reserves the right to cancel any exam at its own discretion.
  • Results will be released on the due date on condition that Portfolios of Evidence are received at the ICB's offices by their due dates.
  • Late entries will only be accepted at the discretion of ICB Management and late entry fees will be levied.


NEW IN 2017

  • Only one exam session will be held each day, at 9am. No more afternoon sessions will be run.
  • An extra set of exams for distance learning/independent students has been added, giving you 5 opportunities during the year to write your exams. (February, May, July, September, November.)


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